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Roni Williams - Handling the ABCs at Graniterock

Posted by Rose Ann Woolpert on Mar 18, 2015

If you are a Graniterock customer whose name begins with A, B or C, chances are you know Roni Williams. She handles these accounts as a part of her job in the Customer Service Department at the Graniterock Corporate Office in Watsonville. Roni spends her day with customers by phone or online,  to ensure billing is accurate and preliminary notices, liens and releases are correct and timely. Great communication is key, and Roni’s kind manner, friendly voice and professional experience help her build rapport with customers as she takes care of their business needs.
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Rock Solid

Posted by Reposted from another publication on Mar 18, 2015

After more than a century in business, Graniterock understands when and how to successfully upgrade to the newest version of Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Solutions
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Don't Dig Yourself Into a Disaster

Posted by Jennifer L. Gregg on Mar 18, 2015

If you do any excavation work, this article is for you.
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When Things Don't Go as Planned, It's All About Your Response

Posted by Tom Squeri on Mar 18, 2015

Life doesn’t always go according to plan, and the same holds true for business. We would all like our customer service and product quality to be flawless, and we strive to build management systems to assure that result. Sometimes, though, despite our best efforts, something fails and we face upset customers. One of my favorite quotations is, “Life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90 percent how we respond.”   The quote is attributed to many sources, including famed college football coach Lou Holtz, and acknowledges the truth that we can’t control many of the challenges life throws at us, but it’s what we do with them that counts. 
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Ed Boland of Ridgeline Concrete Corporation

Posted by Ralph Quintanilla on Mar 18, 2015

Ridgeline Concrete Corporation has a strong reputation for building some of the most challenging structural concrete projects in southern Santa Clara County. “We’re known for taking on hard-to-build jobs for a boutique clientele,” said Ed Boland, who founded his company in 1987. “We have built a niche with our work on high-end custom homes, and we also do historic preservation of special homes and businesses.” 
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J.P. Holcomb - Graniterock is a Family Tradition

Posted by Rose Ann Woolpert on Mar 18, 2015

J.P. Holcomb has a job many would envy. “When people ask me what I do,” he says with a smile, “I tell them I break rocks for a living.” J.P. is the engineer in charge of controlled blasting at Graniterock’s A.R. Wilson Quarry and oversees weekly charges which loosen rock from the quarry face.
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To Prevent Legal Problems, Be a Great Communicator

Posted by Kevin Jeffery on Mar 18, 2015

I know a construction foreman who freely shares that contractors are not “411 kind of guys.”  Construction is much more about doing than about talking about doing.  The downside of this ethic is that lack of communication breeds disputes on jobs. 
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Permeable Paving Systems - Three Options

Posted by Keith Severson on Mar 18, 2015

In today’s construction environment, “green” building choices which are cost effective and long lasting are often a developer’s best option for building and pavement installation. Pervious concrete, permeable pavers and crushed top and bottom stone for synthetic athletic fields are all excellent selections for storm water management and drainage. 
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Can Road Problems Be Fixed Through County Service Area (CSA) Formation?

Posted by Zack Friend on Mar 18, 2015

It’s hard to drive through Santa Cruz County and not see the effects of deferred maintenance on roads. Potholes, cracking, storm washouts and more are evident throughout. The County recently completed an analysis of our local roads to determine just how bad it is. On a scale of zero (a failed road) to 100 (new road) the average Pavement Condition Index (PCI) of Santa Cruz County roads is 55. This means that our roads are generally defined as being in “poor condition” by this measurement index. The deferred maintenance for Santa Cruz County roads is estimated to be approximately $180 million over the next five years. With state and federal funding for road repairs drastically cut over the last decade and local funding mechanisms unable to keep pace with the growing need (only 13 cents of our local property tax dollar comes back to Santa Cruz County) how do we address this problem?
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Harvest Construction

Posted by Robin Steudler on Mar 18, 2015

When Ken and Janice Rudisill started Harvest Construction 26 years ago, they drew from deeply shared values to form a long lasting and successful business venture. Harvest Construction is a general contractor which creates beautiful environments in Monterey County. This family business builds and remodels custom homes and commercial properties, primarily in Pebble Beach and Carmel, but also in residential areas such as Tehama and The Preserve.  
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