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Wanted: DBE subcontractors

Seeking DBE subcontractors for upcoming Caltrans construction projects

Posted by Graniterock on Sep 21, 2018

Graniterock, as a prime contractor, is seeking DBE, DVBE and SB subcontractors to help bid a long list of Caltrans heavy civil infrastructure projects in various locations.
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Caltrans partnering award

Graniterock construction project in Soledad wins Caltrans partnering award

Posted by Graniterock on Jun 26, 2018

Graniterock's Highway 101 rehabilitation project in Soledad was a Caltrans' Excellence in Partnering gold winner! The $26 million project replaced 12 miles of concrete pavement with pre-cast panels and rapid strength concrete. Additionally, 60 lane miles of asphalt were repaired and overlaid with rubberized asphalt. What made this partnering project a gold winner? Caltrans chose Graniterock's project due to the team's use of partnering best practices around safety, budget, schedule, dispute resolutions, value engineering and claims. The project management team invited local businesses to a meeting before the work started to get an understanding of business needs and establish lines of communication. What did the Graniterock team like best about this project? The chance to work, for the first time, placing pre-cast concrete panels. Our construction team did a great job studying the process and performing trials before doing the real thing out on the highway next to live traffic.
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Erosion control on Highway 17

Fixing problem spot on Highway 17 before the rainy season

Posted by Graniterock on Nov 20, 2017

SANTA CRUZ – What’s known as a precarious section of Highway 17 for dirt and debris falling into the roadway during stormy weather is getting some preventive maintenance from the Construction team before the next round of rain arrives.
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State engineer with global view

Wanderlust and sensibility define Caltrans engineer

Posted by Shanna McCord Crigger on Sep 13, 2017

SANTA CRUZ – The traits and skills that allow Jennifer Wilson to navigate a foreign country on her mountain bike, for months at a time, are the same qualities that make her a well-respected Caltrans engineer.
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Caltrans moves ahead with foamed asphalt CIR

Caltrans moves ahead with foamed asphalt partial depth reclamation

Posted by Dennis McElroy on Jun 7, 2017

SAN JOSE – With climate change a hot topic all over the world, it’s not surprising new pavement rehabilitation technologies have taken off throughout California in recent years.
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Celebration for Highway 17 workers this winter

Celebration for Highway 17 workers this winter

Posted by Graniterock on Apr 25, 2017

Scotts Valley residents have rallied in support of the men and women who worked hard this winter to fix the storm damage on Highway 17.
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Asphalt quality guaranteed

Asphalt quality guaranteed with this team

Posted by Shanna McCord Crigger on Mar 22, 2017

REDWOOD CITY – Telling a customer we’re going to make a specific asphalt mix isn’t good enough.
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Keys to the perfect paving job

Keys to the perfect paving job

Posted by Graniterock on Dec 6, 2016

Brent Edelman is an expert on what it takes to execute the perfect asphalt paving job.A Graniterock superintendent and operations manager, Brent has spent his 30-year construction career building roads, highways and other high profile projects.Currently he works with Graniterock’s paving crews and project management teams to ensure each project turns out according to the owner’s specifications, and is delivered on time and budget.We’ve asked Brent to share some of that knowledge and experience.
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True test of team work

Paving Interstate 280: True test of team work across Graniterock

Posted by Shanna McCord Crigger on Aug 17, 2016

WOODSIDE – Coming down to the wire, Graniterock’s Construction Division just wrapped up one of its larger paving projects in recent years.
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Dumbarton Bridge Seismic Retrofit - A Design and Teamwork Challenge

Posted by Keith Severson on Mar 18, 2015

For over a year Shimmick Construction has been retrofitting the Dumbarton Bridge to make safety improvements and increase the its capacity to handle forces caused by earthquakes. The work included the reconstruction of bridge joints to allow for more movement of bridge segments without damage when an earthquake occurs. The joints are composed of heavily reinforced concrete covered by massive steel plates. The construction challenge for Shimmick and Graniterock, the concrete supplier of choice, was to get concrete to entirely fill the cavity under the steel plates through small holes drilled in the top of the steel plates. This meant the concrete needed to be highly fluid and flow freely to make its way around the dense steel reinforcing under the steel plates. The Caltrans specification also required that the mix not segregate into rocky pockets and sandy/cement pockets so that the strength and durability of the concrete was consistent throughout the joint.
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