Quail Hollow Quarry

405 Quail Hollow Road
Felton, CA 95018-9424
Phone: 831.471.3480
Fax: 831.335.6664
Scalehouse: 831.471.3482
Sales, Jason Furrey: 831.768.2303

Branch Hours

M–F: 6:00 am – 2:00 pm

Branch Products & Services

The Quail Hollow Quarry is a producer of High Quality Silica Glass Sand. Quail Hollow Glass Sand is a key component in the production of glass containers and glass fibers throughout California. The Quail Hollow location is in a beautiful setting in the picturesque Santa Cruz Mountains. Geologically this area is made up of materials known as Santa Margarita sandstone (Zayante sands). The sand is derived from inland marine sands deposited nearly 10 million years ago. A producing quarry since 1972, Quail Hollow operations work in harmony with a very sensitive ecological surrounding. There are 5 endangered species, (Silver leaf manzanita, Santa Cruz Wallflower, Ben Lomond Spineflower, Zayante band-winged grasshopper, and Mount Hermon June beetle), which inhabit the property.

Graniterock has operated this quarry since January 1, 1997. Ben Snow is the manager. He brings a broad range of knowledge, and is able to inspire his staff to reach their potential through his style and dedication. The Quail Hollow Team epitomizes teamwork, working toward a goal, and proving that together each accomplishes more.