South San Francisco Road Materials

1321 Lowrie Avenue
South San Francisco, CA 94080-6403
Phone: 650.869.3300
Fax: 650.869.3301
Stuart Mager, Business Manager: 650.482.3802
Weighmaster: 650.869.3305

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Branch Hours

M–F: 7:00 am – 3:15 pm

Branch Products & Services

  • Asphalt Emulsions
    • Tack Coats
    • Prime Coats
    • Chip Seals
    • CTB Curing Seals
    • Fog Seals
    • Caltrans Section 39 Slurry Seals
    • AR-4000 and AR-8000 Asphalt Cements
    • Fabric Application Bars (FABS)
    • Granite Seal Asphalt Sealer
    • Distributor Truck Fleet
    • SC-70 Road Oil
    • Oil Spray Pot Rentals
    • Paving Fabric Sales
    • Crackfillers
    • Asphaltic Concrete
    • Mixes designed to meet city, Caltrans, and Marshall Mix Specifications
    • 100% Crushed Aggregate provides greater stability
    • Highest R-Value assures durability
    • High production from multiple plant sites
    • Development of custom products such as Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA), rubberized asphalt, and GranitePatch, a permanent one-step patching material approved by Caltrans and used rain or shine in pothole repair or street patching.