Xeriscaping for California's Drought

Posted by Robin Steudler on Mar 18, 2015

With historic drought conditions and looming water shortages, many areas within California will be faced with water restrictions.  Homeowners would be wise to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

Xeriscaping is a way in which to landscape and garden reducing the need for supplemental water.  This will no doubt become the new trend for those trying to preserve the beauty of their outdoor living environment as well as helping people to lower their water bill and reduce maintenance.  Some estimates say that homeowners spend as much as 75 percent of their water budget on landscaping.

Graniterock Building Material locations are prepared to educate customers on the wide variety of products that can be used for Xeriscaping.  Let’s begin with the natural lawn.  The typical green lawn is a thirsty and high-maintenance “carpet.”  You can replace this with Synthetic Turf which looks and feels like natural grass without the watering and fuss. 

Installing a gray water system is an effective way of capturing waste water from your home’s sinks, showers and laundry; however some municipalities have rules regarding gray water use.  Graniterock supplies plastic rain barrels which will enable the homeowner to collect up to 75 gallons of rain water which can then be reused for landscaping.

Organic wood-based Mulch will retain moisture and discourage weeds from growing.  As it decomposes, it will improve the soil over time, but it needs to be replaced regularly.  Other forms of ground cover are Walk-On Fir Bark, Cedar Chips and Gorilla Hair.  All will add a nice bit of color, require no water and cover areas that once were filled with greenery.

Hardscaping is a great alternative for replacing the soft landscapes.  By expanding the hardscape, whether in the form of crushed gravel walkways, colored concrete, natural flagstone or interlocking pavers it will add color and curb appeal to your home.  Best of all, it will eliminate the need for water.

Graniterock Team Members are eager to assist you in preparing for the months ahead. 


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