Green Building Programs Compared Post III

Posted by Ben Licari on Mar 18, 2015

This is the third in a series of posts summarizing the various green building programs currently in use.

Earlier posts summarized LEED® and Build It Green. Today’s post addresses StepUp2Green. Later this week, we’ll take a look at CalGreen. StepUp2Green Overview: StepUp2Green is an incentive-based program, designed to encourage environmentally-conscious choices in home remodeling projects.

StepUp2Green's mission is to provide homeowners the information, guidance and incentive to implement upgrades to home and property that will save energy and water while enhancing indoor air quality. Key elements of StepUp2 Green are: 

1. Developed in 2009 by local Monterey Bay region community members through Monterey County Business Council. StepUp2Green has been trademarked and marketed by them (they are non-profit).

2. StepUp2Green is guided by the principals of simplicity and accessibility.

3. One page (very simple) form and document submittal. The goal was to develop a submittal format that a homeowner could understand and handle by themselves. The guidance is provided on a large envelope, and all the homeowner has to do is choose the items they want to use, complete the work, and put documentation and/or receipts in the envelope. 

4. Most accepted local program for remodeling. Minimum “essential Items” and numerous electives. 

5. Prescriptive program with three award levels (Sage, Jade, and Emerald) and opportunities to earn bonus points.

6. Checklist can be found at:;jsessionid=24cgofs5qxeqp 

7. Approval of Inspectors is required. A list of inspectors can be found at:;jsessionid=24cgofs5qxeqp?ve_v=vall

8. Graniterock does not currently have any StepUp2Green inspectors on staff, but we can supply documentation for projects using our materials. 

9. Suggested training program includes 1-day training course that includes exam for the basic level.

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