Rock Out for Aromas School

Virtual community fundraiser nets $40,000 for Aromas School

Posted by Keith Severson on Nov 1, 2021

The Graniterock team switched again to a virtual fundraiser for Aromas School this year due to Covid-19 concerns for large in person gatherings.

Dubbed "Rock Out for Aromas School," Peter Lemon, Stephanie Lovell and the Wilson Quarry team with support from Keith Severson and the marketing team, canceled the annual Rock N Run 5K/10K and held a virtual fundraiser with Company vendors and partners.

Graniterock matched the donations, resulting in $40,000 for Aromas School.

Principal Heather Howell was blown away by the love and support shown for her teachers and students.

She said the money will be mostly used for sports equipment and uniforms to help keep the kids active and healthy.

"This is amazing as we have a great need for additional funding this year," Heather said. "We'll be putting this money toward the school's sports program. I can't thank you enough."

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