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Posted by Graniterock on Mar 18, 2015

In the "Works for Us" series from, remodelers share business strategies that are keeping the phones ringing, even in the dog days of summer. Care to share what's working for you? Email leah@daily5REMODEL.

by Geoff Martin, Cedar Mill Group

Our business is up 30 percent over 2010. As of three weeks ago, we were already at 106 percent of last year's volume sold! If I had to pinpoint reasons why we're having such a good year, I would point to these seven activities:

  1. Active participation in my BNI group. One referral led to a $600,000 sale.

  2. Staying visible in the community through radio advertising and strategic print advertising.

  3. Supporting local organizations like the Boys & Girls Club, Chamber of Commerce and Salvation Army.

  4. Website SEO initiatives, podcasts and blogging.

  5. Goal-setting and accountability partners.

  6. Networking, networking, networking.

  7. Ask, ask, ask!

Here are some specific examples of how networking and volunteering in the community have boosted our business:

  • Partnered with the local Boys & Girls Club to promote its "Discovery Hour" program through our monthly newsletter.

  • Participated in our local Chamber of Commerce annual membership drive. This was our first-time effort, and werecruited the most new members and won a trip to Ireland!

  • Participated in the Chamber's "Connections" program.

  • Attended local fundraisers for good causes and donated services for auction. We also bid on silent auction items -- and get some great items.

  • Invited clients for a day of golf at a charity benefit tournament.

  • Volunteered to interview high school juniors as applicants for a local private school's advanced study summer program.

  • Volunteered to review specifications for a significant construction project at the local YMCA.

  • Contacted a local high-end inn and negotiated a free two-night stay with meals in exchange for promoting it in our newsletter and website.

  • Mentored other small businesses.

  • Joined a weekly golf league. One contact led to a $420,000 project last year.

Routinely, we're also in the habit of calling and/or visiting clients, vendors and local businesses (banker, real estate broker) just to check in and say hello.

As for that $600,00 referral from BNI, it came through networking too. BNI's philosophy is "Givers Gain." Our chapter was a startup two years ago and was the New Hampshire chapter of the year in 2011. As it happens, referrals from the chapter accounted for 24.3 percent of our volume last year and will be around 35 percent this year. 

Above all, we really strive to be positive with everyone we come into contact with. It's well worth the "effort" -- if you want to call it that.

Geoff Martin, Cedar Mill Group, Webster, N.H.

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