Leadership Tune Up - First of a Series

Posted by Bruce W. Woolpert on Mar 18, 2015

Managers can occasionally benefit from a leadership “tune-up” The outside world may push us slightly off track. Like maintaining the precise operation of a high performance engine, organizational leaders need to stop occasionally to push the reset button. The leadership engine is running, but is it running most effectively? There are small skill-alignment tweaks to be made that greatly enhance organizational performance and help leaders to feel successful with the difficult work they do. Many of these tune-up skills are helpful for everyone in an organization. This is the first installment of a six part series of important tips for managers.

Communicating the organization’s objectives and strategy lets people know what is important to the organization’s short- and long-term success. An organization builds individual and teamwork motivation when everyone knows where the organization is going and how it is currently doing. Communication is at the center of good leadership. People know that an organization running without a clear purpose - purpose often described by goals - is headed nowhere and will soon drift downhill. When organizations effectively achieve goals, team members have the highest morale and work satisfaction.

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