In Great Company: Triage Consulting Group Unlocks the Secrets of Great Places to Work

Posted by Keith Severson on Mar 18, 2015

San Francisco, CA, JANUARY 31, 2011:
In Great Company: Triage Consulting Group Unlocks the Secrets of Great Places to Work, by Patti Lee-Hoffmann, co-founder of Triage, recently released.  The book profiles 11 companies engaged in businesses hardest hit by the Great Recession, yet are thriving.  From advertising to organic food and from construction to outdoor furniture, no two companies are in the same industry, yet they all share common traits.  From hundreds of face to face interviews of company founders to line employees, Lee-Hoffmann shares story after story of these traits in action.

“Businesses often share the mistaken belief that being a great place to work costs more than it’s worth – that it’s a net drain to the bottom line.  In the experience of the 11 great companies in this book, nothing could be further from the truth”, says Lee-Hoffmann. 

In Great Company profiles these great companies: Graniterock, Farella Braun + Martel, Bridge Worldwide, Juniper Networks, Veritable Vegetable, Jackson’s Hardware, Triage Consulting Group, EILEEN FISHER, Landscape Forms, Lincoln Industries, and Badger Mining Corporation.

About the Author Patti Lee-Hoffmann is a co-founder of Triage Consulting Group, the leading financial consultant to hospitals nationwide.  For the last several years running, her company has been named to the list of the best medium sized companies to work for in America by the Great Place to Work Institute. 
Leadership Excellence magazine has recognized the leadership development programs of Triage as the best in the country.  Lee-Hoffmann was named by the Women’s Initiative, Entrepreneur of the Year.
About Graniterock Graniterock, one of the 11 companies profiled in the book, is one of the largest construction materials suppliers in the United States.  The company produces and installs rock, gravel aggregates, concrete, asphalt and recycled road-base materials.  Its customers range from homeowners to large-scale, public works projects.  The average contractor on a public project generates between 17 and 34 claims against them.  The two lawyers in Graniterock’s legal department are the Maytag repairmen of the construction industry since the company’s public works projects generate no claims.  For more information, visit
In Great Company: Triage Consulting Group Unlocks the Secrets of Great Places to Work can be purchased at the great independent bookstore, Kepler’s, and through and Amazon for $27.99.

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