Graniterock operations during Covid-19

How Graniterock is responding to the coronavirus crisis

Posted by Graniterock on Mar 20, 2020

We hope this finds Graniterock customers, colleagues and community members feeling healthy and safe.

Over the course of 120 years we’ve survived a few crises.

In our history, Graniterock has been tested by a host of natural disasters and economic downturns. We share everyone’s deep concern over the coronavirus. We also know where to focus in times of crisis. At Graniterock, we’re going to pour our talent and energy into taking care of our communities, our customers and our people. This has been our way since 1900.

Taking care of our communities.

Last week’s county and state-wide shelter in place orders have caused alarm and confusion. One thing the orders make clear is our communities will continue to depend on critical infrastructure. The orders define construction as an essential business, and point to federal guidance indicating infrastructure workers have a special responsibility to maintain normal work schedules where possible. Graniterock crews will remain on project sites across the region to get this critical work done, safely.

Taking care of our customers.

Graniterock quarries, plants and branches will remain open to provide the materials necessary for our customers to get this essential construction work done. This is consistent with state clarifications over the weekend that construction materials suppliers are part of the essential workforce. To protect our customers and the broader community, our teams will follow strictly the social distancing requirements issued by public health officials. We’ll insist our customers do the same. These measures include maintaining six feet of distance from other individuals, washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds as frequently as possible or using hand sanitizer, regularly cleaning high-touch surfaces, avoiding shaking hands and others.

Taking care of our people.

We’re providing as much flexibility as possible for Graniterock people to do what is best for their families in this crisis. In addition to our strict social distancing approach where on-site work is required, we have asked our people to work from home whenever possible. For Graniterock people who need to care for family members, we’re providing a range of leave and time-off options and communicating regular updates on governmental policy changes that can help. Our highest priority is for Graniterock people to stay healthy and safe during these challenging times.

Obviously this is a very fluid situation. As conditions change, our tactical approach may as well. But our values, and our focus in a time of crisis, will remain right where they’ve been for over 120 years.

Take good care of yourselves and your families.

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