Underground in Soledad

Graniterock's construction team goes underground in Soledad

Posted by Graniterock on Jan 24, 2019

Working 15-17 feet underground in Soledad was one of many highlights of 2018 for the Construction Division team.

The work included open cut construction of approximately 1,500 linear feet of reinforced concrete pipe 72 inches in diameter.

Soledad officials recognized the need for expanding its storm drain system to accommodate the small south Monterey County city’s population growth. 

The project called for tying the new pipe into the existing storm drain system to increase the retention area as well as the flow of storm water out of the city. 

“This has been a fun project that presented some difficult challenges with shoring, material  handling and working around multiple dangerous utilities,” said Brian Ashford, project engineer. “Thanks to an amazing team and crew we were able to create good safe plans to complete the project.” 

Big thanks goes to this team for the attention to detail and safety: Joe Gomes, Gerrod Dewey, Scott Sollid, Jorge Bautista, Jonathan Nieto, Chris Rincon and Martin Canning.

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