Graniterock Neighborhood Clean-up Day

Graniterock Team Members routinely meet at lunch time to conduct a "Neighborhood Clean-up" in a several block radius around the corporate Office. Our experienced and seasoned team takes to the streets in full safety gear and makes short work of policing the neighborhood streets. This is an important effort, both because it instills pride in the whole neighborhood, and it protects the ocean from debris associated with runoff.

The trash and litter in our streets is more than unsightly. All of that material usually ends up in a storm drain and eventually pours into the Monterey Bay. Plastic ends up breaking into little pieces and floating in the Pacific Ocean, where it is either ingested by fish (entering the food chain) or finally breaks up.

By picking up this trash, we not only improved the appearance of our neighborhood and business, we also protected our ocean. Graniterock Team Members recognize the importance of this effort, and we take great pride in our accomplishment.