Graniterock hosts Bruce W. Woolpert Algebra Academy

More than 100 incoming eighth-graders spent their last week of summer hard at work solving algebra problems and developing their love for math at the 5th annual Bruce W. Woolpert Algebra Academy.

The Academy was held in August at Graniterock's Corporate Office with professors and teaching assistants from CSU Monterey Bay and UC Santa Cruz providing instruction that inspires students to excel at math and follow their dreams of future careers in science, engineering and technology.

Graniterock's late CEO Bruce Woolpert and General Counsel Kevin Jeffery created the Algebra Academy in 2010 with an aim to give select students a chance to sharpen their algebra skills and connect the dots between math and their future career opportunities.

Since then, the Academy has only grown in popularity and quality over the years. Rose Ann Woolpert, Kevin, Jennifer Castro and a team of other Graniterock People have continued Bruce's legacy by growing the Academy through inviting the participation of additional schools, as well as corporate and community partners. The Academy has been dedicated to honoring Bruce's vision since his death in 2012.

Today's Algebra Academy is a year-round program serving approximately 110 students from seven schools located in Aromas, San Juan Bautista, Hollister, Tres Pinos, Watsonville and Pajaro. Each day of immersion week began with a talk from a Graniterock team member explaining their background and how they use math in their job every day. A special thank you goes to Jason Sanchez, Alex Simons, Abel Covarrubias, and Diana Villegas for this year's presentations. The students' week of algebra immersion includes a university field trip, and the program sponsors math clubs at each participating school and additional field trips to UCSC and CSUMB to sustain momentum during the school year.

A tremendous amount of thanks goes to the following Graniterock People who helped make this year's Academy a success.

We appreciate the contributions from Kurt Brewer, Allen Bryant, Reed Carter, Mario Ferraris, Francesca Giannotta, Jennifer Gregg, Cooper Jeffery, Kate Jeffery, Ron Kinninger, Stephanie Kniffin, Stephanie Lovell, Kevin Maguire, Shanna McCord, Joe Ronning, Miyoko Sasaki, Keith Severson, Janice Shaffer, Sean Souza, Eileen St. Vincent, Janae Thomas, Roger Upton and Jeff Williams.

You can learn more about the Bruce W. Woolpert Algebra Academy by visiting