Southside 1″ × #4 Round Rock

Southside 1″ × #4 Round Rock is harvested from a deposit created by the combined ancestral flow of the San Benito River and the Tres Pinos Creek. It is processed through a Coarse Material Washer to remove clay and silt. The material is then conveyed to a final wash screen where oversize and undersize aggregates are removed. The final product is then conveyed to a stockpile. Southside 1″ × #4 Round Rock a wide variety of uses. It can be used for septic leach fields, pipe bedding, under concrete slabs, and as backfill for retaining walls and drainage blankets. It is an ingredient of Southside Caltrans Section 68-4 Class II Permeable and ¾″ concrete aggregate mix (dry aggregate material only). In landscaping applications it is used as a decorative aggregate and as an ingredient of the Graniterock Stream Spawning Cobble blend. This material has a tendency to be light tan or brownish color when dry.


  • Loose Weight Per Cubic Foot: 93.306 lbs
  • Rodded Weight Per Cubic Foot: 96.306 lbs
  • Bulk Specific Gravity: 2.632
  • Absorption: 1.488
  • Weight Per Cubic Yard: 2,600 lbs
  • Cubic Yards Per Ton: 1.3 cubic yards
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Sieve Analysis Up arrow
Inches MM/UM Southside Grading Caltrans Section 90 ASTM C-33
1″ 25 mm 100 88-100 95-100
¾″ 19 mm 85 70-100 x=85
½″ 12.5 mm 35 25-60
3⁄8″ 9.5 mm 8 0-30: x=15
#4 4.75 mm 1 0-16 0-10
#8 2.36 mm 1 0-6 0-5