Southside 1 ½″ Round Rock

Southside 1 ½″ Round Rock is harvested from a deposit created by the combined ancestral flow of the San Benito River and the Tres Pinos Creek. It is processed through a Coarse Material Washer (scrubber) in order to remove clay and silt. The material is then conveyed to a final wash screen where undersize aggregates are removed. The final product is stockpiled, air dried, and ready for shipment.

Application: Southside 1 ½″ Round Rock has a wide variety of uses. It is well suited for septic leach fields, backfill for retaining walls, and drainage blankets. In special Portland cement concrete mixes it can be used as a coarse aggregate ingredient. Southside 1 ½″ drain rock is also utilized in landscaping applications as a decorative aggregate and as an ingredient of the Graniterock Stream Spawning Cobble blend. The aggregate color is typically light tan/gray, with spots of red, pink and purple.


  • Loose Weight Per Cubic Foot: 90.10 lbs
  • Rodded Weight Per Cubic Foot: 100.4 lbs
  • Bulk Specific Gravity: 2.66
  • Absorption: 1.0
  • Weight Per Cubic Yard: 2,711 lbs
  • Cubic Yards Per Ton: 1.35 cubic yards
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Inches MM/UM Southside Grading ASTM C-33, Area Ballast Specification, ASTMD-448
2″ 50 mm 100 100
1 ½″ 37.5 mm 95 90-100
1″ 25 mm 40 20-55
¾″ 19 mm 11 0-15
3⁄8″ 9.5 mm 3.7 0-5