Santa Cruz Pumpable #2 Plaster Sand

P2 is a pumpable #2 Plaster Sand produced at our Santa Cruz Sand Plant. It is produced by blending 90% Santa Cruz #2 Plaster Sand with 10% Quail Hollow Washed Sand. The Washed Sand is added to enhance pumpability.

The blending operation is performed with a portable blending and screening plant which utilizes two feed hoppers. Both sand materials are fed into the hoppers using a loader. Any oversized material is screened out and set aside for use in non-related applications. Finished product is then moved to nearby site for easy truck access.

P2 is primarily designed for Stucco pumping applications, both commercial and residential. This product has been pumped up to 300 feet at a ratio of 16 shovels of sand per bag of cement. The ratio may change depending upon pumping equipment and the crew’s preference for finishing.

P2 is readily available and is produced daily. The data below are in percent passing.

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Sieve Size ASTM Spec. No. C-897 Santa Cruz P2
3⁄8″ 100 100
No. 4 (4.75 mm) 100 100
No. 8 (2.36 mm) 90-100 97
No. 16 (1.18 mm) 60-90 88
No. 30 (600 um) 35-70 67
No. 50 (300 um) 10-30 23
No. 100 (150 um) 0-5 5
No. 200 0 2