Santa Cruz Masonry Sand

Masonry Sand from Graniterock’s Santa Cruz sand plant is a readily available material that can be used in a variety of applications including mortar, bedding for masonry applications, outdoor recreational uses including volleyball courts and playgrounds, fill under concrete slabs, fill behind retaining walls, and as a soil amendment for heavy clay soils. In this application, our masonry sand can be blended with existing soil to loosen it which will provide improved drainage and oxygenation.

For more information, please contact Mike Munn at 408.487.3112 or[email protected].

Typical gradation for Santa Cruz Masonry Sand. Up arrow
Sieve Size ASTM Spec. C-144-91 Masonry Sand % Passing
#4 100 100
#8 95-100 100
#16 70-100 97
#30 40-75 74
#50 10-35 11
#100 2-15 3