Santa Cruz Golf Course Sand

Santa Cruz Golf Course Sand is produced at our Santa Cruz Sand Plant and is primarily designed for new greens construction. It can also be used in bunkers, located away from greens, and for top-dressing fairways (this sand is slightly more coarse than our Santa Cruz Fairway Top Dresssing Sand). Santa Cruz Golf Course Sand is an excellent choice for greens construction due to its gradation, uniformity coefficient, infiltration rate, pH, and particle shape. It also meets USGA specifications for greens materials.

Golf Course Sand is mined, screened and then separated by each particle’s specific gravity using water classification. The process is computer controlled and is extremely effective in producing consistent gradations. It is also very successful in removing silt and clay. The finished product is clean and uniform. We have a dependable deposit that can be mined for the next several years.

Golf Course Sand is designed to provide optimum infiltration (35.8 inches/hour) to ensure deep, and healthy root growth. It is also designed to support green longevity. This product has been selected by very discerning superintendents and construction companies. Greens built with our Golf Course Sand include Black Hawk, Coyote Creek, Eagle Ridge, The Institute, Los Altos Country Club, Moraga Country Club, Pasadera, Peninsula Golf & Country Club, Rancho San Carlos, Riverside Country Club, and Saddle Creek Golf Course.

For additional information, please contact the Aggregate Division Sales Office at 831.768.2380.

Typical gradation based on percent retained. Up arrow
Sieve Size USGA Specification Santa Cruz Bunker Sand
No. 10 (2.0 mm) Max. 3% 0.3%
No. 18 (1.0 mm) Max. 7% 5.0%
No. 35 (0.5 mm)
No. 60 (0.25 mm) Min. 60% combined 76%
No. 100 (0.15 mm) Max. 20% 13%
No. 270 (0.05 mm) Max. 5% 3.5%
(0.05–0.002 mm) <8% 2.2%