Santa Cruz Bank Fill Sand

This technical note and the following data were developed from tests conducted by Graniterock’s Research and Technical Services group and Kleinfelder, Inc.

Bank Fill Sand from Graniterock’s Santa Cruz sand plant is a readily available material that can be used in a variety of applications including trench fill, back fill behind retaining walls, and fill underneath concrete slabs. It can also be used as a soil amendment for heavy clay soils. In this application, our bank fill sand can be blended with existing soil to loosen it up and provide improved drainage and oxygenation.

Below you will find a typical gradation for Santa Cruz Bank Fill Sand. If your application requires a specific gradation, we recommend you call us to schedule a site visit. Together, we will select the exact material you need. Once you have selected the material, we will then take representative samples, run gradations and provide you with a technical report.

For additional information, please contact Mike Munn at 408.487.3112 or [email protected].

Additional technical data provided by Graniterock Research Technical Services: Up arrow
“R” Value: 66
Unit Weight: 91.57 pounds per cubic foot (pcf)
1 cubic yard: 2,472.4 pounds
1 cubic yard: 1.24 tons
1 ton: 0.81 cubic yards
Apparent Specific Gravity: 2.61
Absorption: 1.84%
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Sieve % Passing
#4 99
#8 96
#16 93
#30 80
#50 30
#100 10
#200 6.9
Additional technical data provided by Kleinfelder, Inc. relating to compaction based upon ASTM D1557: Up arrow
Maximum Dry Density: 116.0 pcf
Optimum Water Content: 11.5%