Rancher’s Baserock

Definition: Aggregate Baserock is a dense graded blend of coarse and fine aggregate which when properly placed and compacted provide a stable and durable base.

Rancher’s Baserock is a blend of fine and coarse aggregates, which provides an alternate Baserock product for private projects not requiring Caltrans Certification. Rancher’s Baserock is well suited for roads, driveways, paths, and under concrete, asphalt or paver stones as indicated.

Aggregate Baserock Should Demonstrate

  • Stability: Resist deformation when under load (after proper placement and compaction).
  • Durability: Resist degradation due to use (after proper placement and compaction).
  • Easy to Place & Compact: Product is workable and predictable.
  • Consistency: Product is the same load after load.
  • Meets Specification: No rejections due to inferior material.
  • Availability: Product is locally available when needed.
  • Versatility: Can be used in a variety of applications.

Considerations worth noting
  • Make certain of the Product Required
  • Project Service Requirements (Heavy or Light Use)
  • Product Name
  • Product Maximum Particle Size (1 ½″ or ¾″)
  • Specifying Agency (Caltrans, Green Book, or Other)
  • Special Provisions addressing additional Baserock specifications
  • Certification Required (Submittals) (Forward Information to Supplier)
  • Quantity Required (Specific Gravity—Conversion Tons to Cubic Yards)
  • Product Availability (Available when required, can handle Daily Shipping Requirements)
  • Technical Support Required (Lab Work)
  • The Reputation of your Supplier and their Products & Services
Advantages of using Rancher’s Baserock from Graniterock’s Southside Sand & Gravel Plant (Hollister)
  • Convenient to the Hollister and San Benito County area.
  • High R-Value & Sand Equivalent demonstrates the low clay content (Provides Improved Consistency & Predictability)
  • Low Clay Content provides for greater performance and workability in high moisture situations.
  • Graniterock can provide delivery to your jobsite if desired. (One call ordering and delivery)
  • Technical Support available for assistance.

For more information regarding Rancher’s Aggregate Baserock and other Construction Aggregates, please contact the Wilson Quarry Sales Office at 831.768.2380, Fax 831.768.2401 or [email protected].