Quail Hollow Black Soil Mix Sand

Black Soil Mix Sand is produced at the Quail Hollow Sand Plant. It is surface mined at our Felton, CA location in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Black Soil Mix Sand is found in a unique section of the deposit and is a stark contrast from our primary industrial sand products which are a light buff color—almost off white.

Black Soil Mix Sand is designed for custom soil producers who blend several materials to provide unique planting soils. Black Soil Mix Sand was tested by Soil and Plant Laboratory, Inc.’s Santa Clara staff. Their report included the following, “Salinity, boron and sodium absorption ratio (SAR) levels are all well within specified limits and are safely low.” Test results also indicated a pH of 5.7.

Black Soil Mix Sand is readily available and is produced daily. The data below are in percent passing.

For more information, please contact Mike Munn at 408.487.3112 or [email protected].

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Sieve Size Soil & Plant Lab. Specification Quail Hollow Black Soil Mix Sand
No. 4 (4.75 mm) 100
No. 10 (2.36 mm) 96.3
No. 18 (1.18 mm) Minimum 90 86.3
No. 35 (600 um) Minimum 65 58.2
No. 60 (300 um) 34.9
No. 140 (150 um) 11.2
No. 270 Maximum 5 7.8