Oil Spot Sealer

TA-100 is a specially blended acrylic copolymer emulsion designed to seal oil and gas contaminated areas and to improve adhesion of Poly-Kote TA-1000. TA-100 is designed for use on asphalt surfaces. TA-100 is available at many Graniterock branch locations.

Gas, grease, and oil spots shall be cleaned by scrapers, and/or suitable detergents.

Note: Gas and oil contaminated areas that are “heavily soiled” or “soft” may require removal, and replaced with “hot mix” asphalt!

Mix well before using. TA-100 may be used full strength as received. On lighter contaminated areas TA-100 may be diluted 1:1 with potable water. Sprinkle (lightly) a 20 or 30 mesh sand onto TA-100 prior to curing to improve adhesion of Poly-Kote TA-1000.

Depends on surface texture being treated. For estimating purposes, medium textured surfaces require approximately 0.1 (1⁄10) gallon per square yard.

Water can be used to clean TA-100 from tools and equipment prior to drying. Use a scraper or wire brush to remove dried product.

TA-100 is available in 55 gallon drum or 5 gallon pail.


  • Air temperature shall be 50°F. and rising, prior to application.
  • TA-100 shall not be applied during, or when rain is imminent.
  • Do not store in temperatures exceeding 100°F.
  • Protect containers from direct sunlight.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Protect from freezing.