Non-Spec. Washed Sand

Non-Spec. Washed Sand is produced at our Santa Cruz Sand Plant and is primarily used for fill under slabs and trench fill. Santa Cruz Non-Spec. Washed Sand is an excellent choice due to its particle sizing (mostly #50s and #100s), particle shape (sub-angular), and cleanliness (the silt and clay have been removed). This product is easy to place and achieves 95% compaction with optimum moistures of 17.8%. The maximum dry density per ASTM D1557 is 96.0 pounds per cubic foot (pcf). This sand is light beige in color and is easily recognized as unique to native soils by crews digging in the same location several years later. This color advantage helps prevent buried utility damage.

The sand is mined, screened and then separated by each particle’s specific gravity using water classification. The process is computer controlled and is very effective in producing a relatively consistent product. The process is also very successful in removing silt and clay. Upon completion of the water classification and dewatering phases, the sand is allowed to drain in stockpiles to achieve typical shipping moistures ranging between 6% to 8%.

Below is a typical gradation. As this is a Non-Spec. Washed Sand, the gradation will vary slightly.

For more information, contact the Aggregate Division Sales Team at 831.768.2380.

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Sieve Size % Passing
No. 4 (4.75 mm) 100
No. 8 (2.36 mm) 100
No. 16 (1.18 mm) 100
No. 30 (600 um) 100
No. 50 (300 um) 72
No. 100 (150 um) 10
No. 200 (75 um) 1