GraniteXpress Loading Procedures

To use the A.R. Wilson Quarry GraniteXpress2 loadout system, simply follow the steps listed below:

  1. As you enter the Quarry, pull onto one of the four check-in scales, the right three for aggregate products, the left most for asphalt.
  2. If a Radio Frequency Tag has already been attached to your truck, simply confirm that the billing and material information on the display is correct.
  3. If you do not have a RF Tag or the information is incorrect, use the phone at the scale to contact a Weighmaster. They will fix the information or arrange for you to get a RF Tag.
  4. The display will tell you to ground load the material or receive it from one of the Loadout lanes.
  5. If your material is ground loaded, proceed to the stockpile and call a loader operator on CB Channel 20.
  6. When loading from the Loadout, wait until any trucks in the system have pulled fully off of the scales and out of the lane, then pull up to the RF reader and display.
  7. Double check that the information on the display has the material that you wish to receive in that lane. Sometimes the material will change location during your trip from the front to the Loadout.
  8. When the light turns green enter the lane and position your trailer under the bin with the flashing yellow light. If the yellow lights do not come on the material is unavailable, please contact a loader or go to another loading lane.
  9. Be sure that your trailer is correctly positioned under the bin, in line with the flashing yellow lights! Material will drop from there regardless of where your truck is positioned.
  10. Once in the correct place, pull the cord located nearest your cab door for two (2) long steady pulls. For an emergency stop, pull on the cord once more.
  11. Material will begin to drop from the bin and the traffic light will change to red. DO NOT MOVE FROM UNDER THE BIN WHILE THE TRAFFIC LIGHT IS STILL RED!
  12. If loading a second trailer, the traffic light will turn yellow and you can position the empty trailer in line with the flashing yellow light.
  13. When loading is complete the traffic light will turn green.
  14. After loading stop at the printer at the end of the lane. The display will show your loaded weights and billing information. If everything is correct push the green button and receive your tickets. If there is a problem proceed to the check out scales and contact a Weighmaster.
  15. If you receive material from a loader from the stockpiles you can proceed to the check weight scales to receive a ticket or go to check out for help.
  16. Always check your tickets to make sure that all of the information is correct. Contact the Weighmasters if anything needs to be changed.
  17. Sign the original ticket and drop it off at check out or the express lane on the far right of the exit.

If you have any problems contact the Weighmasters or loaders. Additionally, there are roving GX2 helpers that can assist you at loadout and check out.

For additional information on loadout procedures at the A.R. Wilson Quarry contact the Scales or Aggregate Sales at 831.768.2308.