GranitePatch™ is a premixed, open graded cold patch made with UPM liquid blend, a superior combination of asphalt cements, anti-stripping additives and adhesive agents, plus 100% crushed, washed aggregate from Graniterock. GranitePatch™ is much more effective than traditional cut-back cold mixes because of its tenacious binding adhesive.

Even when applied to water-filled potholes GranitePatch™ will compact with the back of a shovel and the surface may be opened to traffic immediately. The combination of materials in GranitePatch™ resists rutting while providing excellent bearing strength. Where other cold mix material may ravel and lift out because the base asphalt material will not adhere to the aggregate, or because the cut-back agents enlarge the hole, GranitePatch™ will continue to perform. GranitePatch™ is available at many Graniterock branches and is supplied in sack or bulk quantities.

GranitePatch™ can be used in temperatures from minus 15°F to plus 100°F-in wet or dry conditions and will adhere to steel, chip seal, concrete or asphalt surfaces. It is ideal for utility cuts, railway crossings and of course potholes and broken edges on parking areas, streets and major highways.

Under severe conditions GranitePatch™ breathes and will heal itself. Stockpile GranitePatch™ outdoors, uncovered, for up to two years.

Pdf GranitePatch Brochure