AREMA #4 1 ½″ Ballast

Over 100 years ago Graniterock was created to produce 100% Crushed Granite Railroad Ballast to the burgeoning rail industry. This ballast was used to create an extensive rail network throughout Northern and Central California. Consequently, Graniterock has long been recognized as a major supplier of quality ballast products. Although ballast specifications have evolved over time, our commitment to quality has remained steadfast.

We continue to supply the rail industry with locally available, high quality, 100% Crushed Granite Ballast for any sized project. The A.R. Wilson Quarry’s granite deposit has decades of high quality reserves, so you can count on long-term product availability. Our high capacity production plant produces massive quantities in a very short period of time, so you will have material when you need it.

Graniterock’s loadout facility is open 24/7, which will help keep your project on schedule. We also have a substantial fleet of rail cars, transfers, and end-dumps so that logistics are not an issue.

Our Caltrans certified laboratory is fully staffed with highly trained experts who verify quality daily, giving you peace of mind that Graniterock’s ballast will always meet the American Railroad Engineering and Maintenance Association’s #4 Main Line 1988 Specifications.

The next page compares our production and test results with AREMA Specifications. This data was developed by Graniterock’s Research Technical Services Group. Gradations are shown as percent passing.

To discuss specific details about your project, please call our sales team at 831.768.2360.

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Sieve Size AREMA #4 Main Line Spec., 1988 Graniterock A.R. Wilson Quarry #4 AREMA 1 ½″ Ballast
2 ½″
2″ 100 100
1 ½″ 90-100 99
1″ 20-55 40
¾″ 0-15 6
3⁄8″ 0-5 2
#8 0 0
No. 200 1% 1%
Bulk Spec. Gravity 2.60 Min. 2.81
Absorption 1.0% Max 0.9%
Clay Lumps & Friable Particles 0.5% Max 0.4%
Flat and/or Elongated Particles 5.0% Max 2.0%
Degradation 35% Max 32%
Soundness (Sodium Sulfate) 5 Cycles 5.0% Max 4.0%