AB 574 Summary

Went into effect on January 1, 2006

Drafted to encourage the use of recycled concrete

Defines “recycled concrete” as a concrete mixture that includes reclaimed concrete material in accordance with the 2003 edition of the Greenbook Standard Specifications for Public Works

  1. Returned plastic concrete with a design strength of 2,000 PSI or greater that has not attained initial set. A maximum of 15 percent by volume of returned plastic concrete can be combined with fresh concrete.
  2. Reclaimed returned concrete materials derived from unhardened concrete are processed to separate reclaimed aggregates (RA) and reclaimed water (RW). RA may be further separated into reclaimed sand and reclaimed coarse aggregate. A maximum of 30 percent of RA by weight of total aggregate may be used. A maximum of 35 percent of RW by weight of total water may be used.
  3. Reclaimed hardened concrete made by crushing waste Portland cement concrete. A maximum of 30 percent by weight of total aggregate may be used.
  4. Reclaimed concrete material that is in compliance with ASTM-C94 is exempt

Conditions recycled concrete can be used:

If the user has been fully informed that the concrete may contain recycled concrete materials.

Fully informed means two things:

  1. Informed of the potential use of recycled materials “prior to or at the time of ordering, either orally or in writing”.
  2. Informed by the “delivery receipt as to the recycled ingredients at delivery acceptance.”

No recycled concrete shall be offered, provided or sold to Caltrans or the Department of General Services unless specifically requested and approved by the department