Half Moon Bay Airport

Runway Resurfacing Project
Owner: County of San Mateo

Scope of Work
The work completed consisted of Runway Resurfacing at the Half Moon Bay Airport, including pavement repair, paving fabric installation, asphalt overlay, pavement marking and shoulder backing. Work added by the owner to the project included installing FAA electrical conduit with wiring, additional cold planing, asphalt overlay and pavement marking on Taxiways A and C.

Project Highlights
PCC Cold Milling 45,000 Square Feet
AC Cold Milling 15,000 Square Feet
Paving Fabric 6,000 Square Yards
Type A Asphalt Concrete 13,500 Tons
Shoulder Backing 114,000 Square Feet (installed grindings from cold planing the existing AC & PCC as shoulder base)
All New Pavement Markings per FAA specifications