Construction Division lands new territory with Stockton airport

The Construction Division expanded its reach eastward by picking up a $3.6 million job at Stockton Metropolitan Airport.

The terminal apron rehabilitation, led by Project Manager Matt Christie, called for removing existing pavement for airport parking and constructing a new parking area with room for additional aircraft to accommodate increased air traffic at the small airport.

The work, which started in September and wrapped up this week, involved excavating more than 15,000 yards of dirt, 4,000 tons of cement-treated base and 6,200 yards of sub-base material, and installing nearly 8,000 yards of concrete for the new parking surface.

“One of the biggest challenges on this project was creating new relationships with new subcontractors and vendors whom we have not done business with in the past,” Matt said.

Thanks to the team who helped make this project successful.

Greg Brazil, Rolando Silva, Jesus Pena, Vic Aguilar, David Aranda, Mike Taylor, Robert Gutierrez,Jorge Bautista-Nava, George Jeffery, Eric Guzman, Arturo Zamora, Frank Carrillo, Juan Santana Martinez, Manuel Mendoza, Oliver Ahn, Pio Romo, Russel Jordan, Samuel Jordan, Samuel Lopez, Son Kim, Pablo Romo, Ramiro Martinez, Miguel Negrete, Francisco Trujillo, Fernando Ramirez, Jason Smyth, Robert Lauderdale, Bobby Gill, Nick De La Torre, Andres Godina, Craig Jud, Luis Leyva, Chris Lofano, Robbie Kashka, Jose Romero and Gustavo Padilla.