Press Release
June 25, 2000

San Benito & Monterey Counties Dedicate Old Stage Road Park

Hollister, California June 2, 2000—On Friday, June 9, 2000 at 11 am Supervisors and County officials from San Benito and Monterey will officially dedicate a 3.5 mile section of Old Stage Road extending from just south of San Juan Bautista to Monterey County as a Bi-County Park.

A horse-drawn wagon will take the first group of attendees up to the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which will be followed by a catered picnic lunch of fried chicken and cold cuts. Busses will shuttle everyone else from the parking area just south of Rt. 156 in San Juan Bautista.

Special recognition will be given to San Benito Land Title and Paula Grace, ESQ. for their pro bono work in closing the road to motor vehicles; Graniterock will be recognized for their 10-year commitment to maintaining the park and Don Chapin and RMC Pacific will be recognized for installing gates on both the San Benito and the Monterey sides.

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