May 28, 2015

Preparing Graniterock for the future with JD Edwards upgrade

This is a white paper from Velocity Technology Services about Graniterock's successful JD Edwards upgrade in 2014.



Velocity Technology Solutions had been hosting
Graniterock’s JD Edwards environment in a virtual private
cloud and providing managed application services.

Therelationship made Velocity a perfect partner to lead the
technical transition to the 9.1 release.

The first step was setting up the environment, a
substantial task considering the significant jump in
release levels.

“We did four database conversions,
including two with significant issues,” said Snodgrass.
“There were multiple conversion steps in a migration
process designed for the project.

In the end, andwhen it counted, the Velocity team shined during the
complex conversion process.”

The go-live weekend also proved to be a success.

“Velocity’s project manager was on-site during the
go-live weekend, helping us focus resources to
address any issues that came up,” said Snodgrass.
“It was very reassuring.”

Velocity continues to host the upgraded system and
provides managed disaster recovery services for

Snodgrass says Velocity’s private cloud
model delivers cost benefits and supports future
strategic adoption of mobile solutions.

“It wouldprobably have cost us more to host a solution internally
and we don’t have the operational expertise."