Press Release
November 7, 1997

Graniterock Wins Statewide Recognition For Schools Involvement

The “Partners in Educational Excellence Award” will be presented to Granite Rock Company this evening by the Association of California School Administrators. This prestigious award is given to exemplary school-community partnership programs that promote effective educational performance, enhanced student achievement and strong community involvement in educational quality. In the continuing quest to improve education in the communities in which it operates, Graniterock has been working closely with the Santa Cruz County schools to implement academic changes. Improvements are being achieved through application of the same business practices that helped win Graniterock the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 1992.

Graniterock, “Graniterock Coaches,” and the Santa Cruz Office of Education have been working together since 1995 to conduct surveys and determine ‘customer needs’ and expectations. The next step was to identify an “focused improvement area” such as reading, writing, spelling, or math. Measurements are made of student performance at the beginning and end of each school year in order to mark improvement. Many of the goals have been met as significant progress is being noted in academic performance.

The award will be presented at the Association’s annual convention in San Diego. Graniterock was nominated for this prestigious award by Mr. Steve Herrington, Superintendent of the Live Oak School District (near Santa Cruz). The Graniterock–Santa Cruz County application won at the region level and was moved up to the state-wide selection process. “Edward Deming, one of the leaders of the quality movement, spoke of building a critical mass of people with the knowledge to transform an organization,” Diane K. Siri, Ed.D., County Superintendent of Schools said. She continued that “area schools in collaboration with Granite Rock Company have created momentum for higher standards to prepare our students for the changing demands of the 21st century.”

Bruce W. Woolpert, President and CEO of Granite Rock Company says, “Over the last ten years. New management approaches and a commitment to business excellence have recaptured America’s leadership in global competitiveness, product quality and customer satisfaction. Zero defects, delighted and loyal customers, performance guarantees, and empowered employees are no longer just theoretical ideas-leading businesses are doing them. Schools can use the same management approaches as businesses to lead improvement.”

Criteria for winning the award include:

Sustained, positive impact on student achievement and learning.
Effective collaboration between education and community leaders in the creation and implementation of the program.
Exemplary management and educational practices that can be replicated by other schools, districts and communities.
Innovative approaches to dealing with the complex challenges facing public education.
Broad support and active involvement by the community.

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