Press Release
October 10, 2005

Graniterock Production Plant Achieves Safety Milestone

Nine Years Accident Free at Pioneering Industrial Sand Plant

January 1, 2005 marked the ninth consecutive accident-free year (no lost time incidents) for Graniterock’s Quail Hollow Sand Plant. This Santa Cruz County branch is located near Felton, CA and is run by a small but dedicated staff. The facility produces high-quality, industrial glass, landscaping, and utility and construction sands. Glass Sand customers require on-time, consistent, and constant delivery for many products that are key ingredients in production of glass containers and glass fibers.

Graniterock puts “Safety Before All Else” in both its corporate objectives and in practice, as exemplified by the Quail Hollow location. This milestone represents a team operating safely for over 50,000 payroll hours producing thousands of tons of high-quality sand products. This quarry has also invested in safety improvements to the production plant and loading facilities so that team members, truck drivers, and visitors can operate in a safe mining environment.

“All year long in all types of weather we work and still work safely,” says Ron Atkins, Branch Manager for the entire nine-year period. “The customer demands and needs are such that sometimes we are on a 24-hour basis, but we are here to help each other. We give and take constructive criticism that always focuses on safety. You can call it a family atmosphere,” Ron says with a smile, “and sometimes they even tell the manager how to improve… and he listens!”

Ron Atkins has been in the industry since 1972. Joining him as long-time team members at Quail Hollow are Joann Miller, Weightmaster, Allan Jackson, Richard Keldson, Mikey Klein, Lanny Stover, and Enrique Diaz.

Graniterock was founded on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1900. Graniterock has operations in Watsonville, Santa Cruz, Seaside, Salinas, Hollister, Aromas, Felton, San Jose, Redwood City, Oakland and South San Francisco. The Company’s Pavex Construction Division is a significant regional heavy engineering contractor building roadways, airports and private commercial and residential projects. The Company is opening its new Cupertino Design Center in October. Graniterock received the 1992 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and the 1994 Governor’s Golden State Quality Award.

For more information, contact:
Ron Atkins, Branch Manager, 831.471.3483 Keith Severson, Marketing Services Manager, 831.768.2063