85/101 North Interchange

Santa Clara, California
Owner: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

The intent of this project will be to eliminate traffic congestion in a high volume area. This will be accomplished by reconfiguring four major interchanges within a 1.3 mile stretch of U.S. 101. To achieve this goal, Graniterock will be constructing 5 bridges, creating 4 new signaled intersections in the city of Mountain View, and adding an HOV (high occupancy vehicle) interconnect between 101 and 85. This project began in December of 2002 and is expected to be completed in early 2006.

Project Highlights
20 MSE Walls (including some of the longest and tallest in California)
310,000 tons of MSE Select Backfill
166,060 tons of Class 4 Aggregate Subbase
47,903 tons of Class 3 Aggregate Base
36,780 tons of Cement Treated Base
72,472 tons of Asphalt Concrete
16,778 feet of 12–36″ Drainage Pipe
1,680 feet of Reinforced Concrete Pipe
525 feet of Sanitary Sewer Pipe