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August 29, 2011

Granite Rock Company Win Keeps Off-Duty Meal Period Issue in the Spotlight

San Jose, California – In Driscoll, et al. v. Granite Rock Company (“Graniterock”), the Honorable James P. Kleinberg of the Santa Clara County Superior Court, ruled in favor of defendant Graniterock, following a 14-day bench trial. In a tentative statement of decision, the court determined that Graniterock was not in violation of California law as it relates to off-duty meal periods, a wage and hour issue receiving much attention in light of the highly-anticipated decision in the case, Brinker Restaurant Corporation, et. al. v. Superior Court, pending before the California Supreme Court. Graniterock was represented by Shareholders Alan Levins, Laura Hayward and Alison Hightower of Littler Mendelson (“Littler”), the nation’s largest labor and employment law firm representing management.

“We are pleased with Judge Kleinberg’s ruling,” said Levins, the lead attorney on the case and a shareholder in the firm’s San Francisco office. “At the center of this case is the clarification of a critical wage and hour issue; that employers are required to make meal periods available to employees but are not required to force employees to take a lunch break.”

In this wage and hour class action case, the court considered the issue of whether the company adequately "provided" meal breaks to concrete mixer truck drivers. Graniterock contended that as long as a meal break is provided, the employee can voluntarily agree to waive the 30-minute uninterrupted meal period(similar to Brinker). Graniterock employees have signed on-duty mealperiod agreements described inCaliforniaWage Order One.

The plaintiffs, seeking more than $6 million dollars in restitution and penalties, claimed Graniterock failed to provide off-duty meal periods or to pay the plaintiffs one additional hour of pay in lieu of the duty-free meal periods. Counter to the plaintiff’s claims, the court heard testimony from 25 current drivers, the vast majority of whom stated that they were satisfied with their ability to obtain a meal period when they wanted one and often chose to work through lunch in exchange for premium pay and the possibility of leaving work early to attend to personal matters.

“Employers can become bewildered with California’s meal period regulations and settle their cases. The elements of proof needed are a clear policy providing meal periods, company-wide communication on this subject so that employees know their rights, and clear opportunities for individuals to express to the employer their meal period preference. The Littler team identified all of the elements well and then worked with us to convey the evidence to the court in the most effective manner,” said Bruce Woolpert, president and CEO of Graniterock, a 111-year old construction material supplier and contractor headquartered in Watsonville, California.

This case is another victory on behalf of client Graniterock. Last year, the firm secured a significant United States Supreme Court decision in the case Granite Rock v. the International Brotherhood of the Teamsters, which held that a dispute with respect to whether a collective bargaining agreement was ratified had to be decided by the federal court and not an arbitrator.

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