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Green concrete Q & A

Green concrete Q & A with Graniterock expert Jon Erskine

Posted by Jon Erskine on Mar 15, 2017

Green building is all the rage across the country, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area where high tech companies seek environmentally-friendly materials and sustainable practices on nearly all new construction projects.Concrete is a major component of green building.
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Managing mixer trucks

Dispatchers manage mixer trucks like dominoes

Posted by Shanna McCord Crigger on Mar 10, 2017

REDWOOD CITY – Graniterock’s concrete dispatchers rarely meet their customers in person.
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Pump operator listens closely

Trusted pump operator listens closely

Posted by Shanna McCord Crigger on Mar 6, 2017

REDWOOD CITY – Martin Hernandez fixates on his teammate 100 feet away, the one holding the end of a hose gushing wet concrete inside a giant hole slated to become an underground parking garage in downtown Redwood City.
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Improving concrete delivery

Graniterock joins with Verifi to improve concrete delivery

Posted by Mike McGrath on Jan 25, 2017

West Coast ready-mix concrete producer Graniterock will add Verifi® In-Transit Concrete Management system to its truck fleet, further improving its already exceptional customer service and efficiency.
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The unplanned concrete career

Katha Redmon chose concrete over medicine and never looked back

Posted by Shanna McCord Crigger on Jan 11, 2017

WATSONVILLE – Throughout college at UC Irvine, Katha Redmon planned on attending medical school and becoming a physician.
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Little mixer truck giveaway

Posted by Graniterock on Nov 30, 2016

Everyone loves our little mixer truck -- so much, we can't even keep these cuties in stock! If you've been wanting one, here's your chance to get it for free: Keep an eye on our Facebook page for where he might pop up in the next few weeks! To enter to win our Little Mixer Truck Giveway, simply guess his location and post it in the comments, that's it! You don't need to guess correctly to be entered. Good luck!! We'll announce the winner Dec. 22. Official Rules here: http://bit.ly/LittleMixerGiveaway
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Restoring the Carmel Mission

Restoring the Carmel Mission

Posted by Willie Diaz on Sep 7, 2016

CARMEL - Carmel Mission Basilica’s picturesque courtyard, which sees tens of thousands of visitors each year as well as regular parishioners, received a facelift with 650 yards of Graniterock concrete this summer.
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20 years of Graniterock interns

20 years of Graniterock interns

Posted by Barbara Kimball on Aug 18, 2016

Graniterock is proud to celebrate its 20th year of offering internships to college students looking to try the construction industry.
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A team that works like family

Construction’s custom team: Defined by a connection that goes beyond the job

Posted by Shanna McCord Crigger on Aug 8, 2016

WATSONVILLE – There’s a group of guys in the Monterey Bay area that own and operate their jobs in a way you don’t see in the rest of the Construction Division.
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Bill Van Sandt – The Story of His Career With Graniterock

Posted by Rose Ann Woolpert on Mar 18, 2015

Bill Van Sandt’s time at Graniterock spanned nearly 50 years of the Company’s history. In a 2008 interview, Bill recalled his experiences as a driver in Santa Cruz during the 1950’s and later as manager of the Santa Cruz Branch of Graniterock. This is the first of a two part story of his career, and tells about his early years delivering concrete in the Santa Cruz area.
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