We are responsible members of our community

We also contribute talent, time, and money to meet community goals. Graniterock generally invests one percent of sales in our communities through matching funding in addition to encouraging greater community involvement by all Graniterock People.

Graniterock, our people, and our customers want to work in an environmentally responsible fashion. So we are rapidly developing new technologies and skills to minimize the environmental impact of our work. For example, we have implemented real-time particulate monitoring for the A.R. Wilson Quarry Overburden System, as well as storm water management systems at our ready-mix concrete plants. Additionally, compliance with permit requirements and habitat conservation plans is a must for all operations.

So what does all this mean for you?

We deliver the value, quality, and service you and the rest of the industry have come to expect from Graniterock. You can also find the latest news on our blog or sign up for E-mail Updates to receive periodic announcements about our events, products and services.

For information about events not listed here or if we can be of help in any other way, please give us a call at 831.768.2000 or e-mail us at

Our Background

The achievements of Granite Rock Company since 1900 are the result of the collective efforts of individuals — each person having the freedom to do the job in the best way he/she knows how. However, few achievements are derived from the effort of only one individual. Teamwork is necessary in the achievements of individuals and the Company as a whole.

When financial resources, human talent and energy are directed by Core Values, Core Purpose, Corporate Objectives and Annual Baseline Goals, cooperative effort and teamwork result in greater individual and company achievement. The Corporate Objectives describe the areas in which the Company is committed to achieving leadership excellence — by the standards of any industry. Annual Baseline Goals are developed in order to focus company-wide improvement activities each year in support of the Corporate Objectives.

The Company’s Executive Committee will periodically review and update the Corporate Objectives as market conditions and opportunities change. The future for Granite Rock Company is exceptionally bright and offers each individual an opportunity for increased job responsibility in implementing job improvements which support the highest quality products and services, and provide customer satisfaction excellence.