Transportation Excellence Award from TAMC

Transportation Excellence award from TAMC

Posted by Dennis McElroy on Jan 28, 2016

Graniterock is proud to receive the 2015 Transportation Excellence Award from the Transportation Agency for Monterey County for our River Road overlay project.

We were recognized for our innovative use of cold in-place recycling on this 4-mile stretch of River Road. The existing pavement on the two-lane rural road used daily by thousands of drivers was in major distress and failure. 

The CIR process required only two truckloads to import asphalt emulsion and cement. By comparison, the traditional method of repaving the road would have required 83 truckloads to remove the old asphalt and haul in new paving materials.

The project eliminated passing zones, installed a full profile centerline strip that acts as a rumble strip and alerts errant drivers, and installed flashing curve warning signs. 

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