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Finish line in sight for BART

Finish line in site for new BART station

Posted by Shanna McCord Crigger on Aug 7, 2017

SAN JOSE – Successful completion of a new station for BART to extend from Fremont into San Jose, working alongside two other major contracts, doesn’t happen without clearing some pretty high hurdles.
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Failure not an option

Failure not an option for this paving Rock Star

Posted by Shanna McCord Crigger on Aug 2, 2017

SAN JOSE – By all accounts, it’s a miracle JP Paving celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.
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Tender Pavements

Posted by Graniterock on Mar 18, 2015

A tender or slow-setting asphalt pavement is defined as one that scuffs under horizontally applied shearing loads after compaction has been completed, such as when power steering turns are made by a stationary vehicle. There are several causes of “tender pavements” including a faulty mix design, low compaction, and liquid asphalt saturation. Although each of these causes contributes to tender pavement, the most common root cause of a tender asphalt pavement is premature application of a preventive maintenance surface treatment (i.e. sealcoat, slurry seal, chip seal).
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