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Attentive Customer Service Is Worth Millions

Editor’s Note: Bruce W. Woolpert served as President and CEO of Graniterock from1987 to 2012. This article from our files explains the importance of great customer service. By Bruce W. Woolpert On those days when things go badly at work and a customer is left dissatisfied, you might respond with, “Well, there’s always tomorrow.”  This way Read more

Great Customer Service: Strengthening Every Link in the Chain of Service

  Editor’s Note: On February 14, 2014, Graniterock Celebrates 114 Years of Business. In celebration of our Company Birthday, we publish this article by Bruce W. Woolpert, who served as President and CEO of Graniterock from1987 to 2012. How does your business manage customer feedback? Your feedback could arrive in a letter, a phone call, Read more

Lifelong Learning Is Essential to Our Future

 By Bruce W. Woolpert, first published  September 2001 I appreciate the opportunity to explain Graniterock’s commitment to lifelong learning. This commitment lies at the center of our respect for People and the future success of the Company. Let me address Graniterock Team Members first and then the Company. Graniterock People don’t expect that during their Read more

More on the Economy…

The newspapers and politicians had a lot to say over the weekend about the disappointing hiring report for May. Only 69,000 jobs were created in May causing the unemployment rate to increase to 8.2% from 8.1%. The unemployment rate also went up because 642,000 Americans resumed their job search. The unemployment data confirms a downshift Read more

Leadership: Part Flexibility and Part Structure

Professor Dean Chemers, Vice-Provost and Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, has studied organizational leadership approaches and has a strong mastery of research and literature on the subject. In September, 1998, Bruce W. Woolpert summarized some of his thinking for Construction Update readers. What was written then holds true today.   Read more

More on the Economy…

Another sign of an economic recovery is car sales were the strongest they have been in four years in March. Sales were 12.7% ahead of sales a year ago and are tracking a 14.4 million unit pace for the year, compared with 12.8 million vehicles last year. Demand for fuel efficient vehicles is increasing. Factory Read more

More on the Economy – Housing Trends

The Federal Reserve realizes that the U. S. economic recovery is not likely to strengthen appreciably until residential construction recovers. The recent agreement between state attorney generals and major U.S. banks to resolve disputes regarding the handling of housing foreclosures is a plus. Now progress can be made in dealing with the shadow inventory of Read more


When an organization extends over more than one hundred years, many opportunities arise to reflect on the achievement.  I am often asked, “So what lessons are there from the last 112 years for you and Graniterock People?”  It’s a good question. My response has been to credit our founder, Arthur R. Wilson, with establishing a Read more

More on the Economy – Construction Added Jobs

The U. S. Economy added 243,000 jobs in January – the fastest rate since April, 2011. The increase appears to be a solid one based on economic information collected in government surveys. The official government unemployment rate declined from 8.5% to 8.3%. Manufacturing added 50,000 jobs and 21,000 new jobs were added to construction. In Read more

Leadership Tune Up – Part Five

Having an Effective Leadership Framework.  Graniterock Team Members have learned a great deal from seminars conducted by Larry Bonine, former Arizona Department of Transportation Director and now head of the Pinnacle Leadership consulting firm. Larry tells his audiences that the best managers view workers in the role of volunteers.  Larry’s thinking offers a useful framework Read more