Building opportunities in San Juan Bautista

Construction opportunities growing in San Juan Bautista

Posted by Steve Lindsay on Jan 22, 2016

 Sometimes a new customer relationship starts with a little base rock and grows from there.

That’s the case with Project Manager Steve Lindsay and the work he’s winning at Earthbound Farm in San Juan Bautista as the organic produce giant looks to expand its facilities, including new parking lots, building pads and roads.

Graniterock is working as a subcontractor for Design Group Facility Solutions, who has a multi-million dollar contract to design and build a 124,000-square-foot cooler expansion.

Graniterock will place approximately 7,000 tons of class two recycled base rock from the A. R. Wilson Quarry, hauled by Graniterock Transportation. The 8-inch thickness of AB has to be graded to within 3/8-inch finish elevation tolerance.

Muse Concrete Contractors of Redding, a valued Graniterock customer, won the contract to pour the concrete slab on our grade.

Our presence on the job helped facilitate several problem-solving conversations Steve had with Design Group’s project manager, who assisted Mike Chernetsky and his team in Seaside to expedite an approved concrete mix design.

Graniterock’s superior concrete, pricing strategy and teamwork ensured we beat competitors to win the work.

Graniterock will supply approximately 4,400 cubic yards of concrete to the project

Steve has been working closely with Earthbound Farm officials to budget future facility expansion projects coming out to bid this year:

·         A nearly $1 million new road adjacent to the south property boundary running between San Justo Road and the old San Juan Highway

·         Thermo forming building expansion

·         Employee parking lot

·         Reconstruction of existing parking lot

·         Underground utility improvements

Special thanks go to the crew: Kurt Lanning, Robert Lindsay, Juergen Maschmeyer, Thomas Haight, Manuel Platero, Cesar Romero, Oscar Garcia and William Bagley.

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