Salinas Municipal Airport Runway

Owner: City of Salinas, Salinas Municipal Airport

Job Description
Repairs and Improvements to Runway 8-26 and Taxiway A. Repairs included remove and replace failed AC areas, Crack Seal all cracks in Runway and Taxiway. Improvements included installation of new Slurry Seal Coat, Fog Seal and Striping and Markings to the Runway and Taxiway. Materials included:

200 tons of Marshall Mix
400 tons of Aggregate Base
60,000 linear feet of crack seal
1,224,000 square feet of slurry seal
38,000 square feet of fog seal
113,700 square feet of taxi/runway painting

Graniterock Construction Division gives a special thanks to Steve A. Cox, Construction Inspector for the City of Salinas. Without his help in coordinating with the Airport the early re-opening would not have been possible. Graniterock Construction Division would also like to thank Earl Paisant, Senior Airport Technician and Deborah Beale, Airport Assistant and the Tower Controllers Rich Cross, Rick Stein, Felix Gonzalez, Mike Galvan, and Nathan Odell for all their help and cooperation.