Recycling Santa Cruz streets with innovative CIR paving technology

“Thank you for inviting us, it was very interesting!” was the phrase heard most Oct. 21 whenpublic works agencies from Santa Cruz, Salinas and the Town of Los Gatos gathered atCenter Street and Laurel Avenue in downtown Santa Cruz for a cold-in-place recycling (CIR) demonstration hosted by CIR Business Development ManagerMike McElroy.

More than 30 guests showed upto observe theprocess in action. Agencies choose CIR because of the 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, 90 percent less truck traffic and zero waste. Thank you to Shanna McCord Crigger, Keith Severson, Alex Simons, Reed Carter and Janae Thomas for the execution of this successful event, and to Rodney Jenny, Don Barrett, Robert Ellenwood, Justin Burke, Denny Mahler, Donita Granado and Joe Antonettifor coming out to support the team.