New bridge for city of Martinez

MARTINEZ – Stretching into the East Bay market, Graniterock’s Concord-based Construction team executed perfectly the installation of a new, 150-foot-long precast girder bridge over Alhambra Creek.

The $2.2 million project for the city of Martinez, bid by Bryan Jones and overseen by Project Manager Erik Cushman, provides relief for residents on the north side of the Amtrak station who had only one access point across the tracks, which are frequently blocked by trains.

The pedestrian/vehicle bridge provides access to the Amtrak Station and Martinez Regional Shoreline Park.

Most challenging for the crew was working within the tidal confluence of the nearby Carquinez Straight and California Delta, which frequently would flood excavated areas of the job site, requiring the team to implement a de-watering system.

“The ingenuity and creativity of Francisco Gomez and his team in tackling the challenges on this job were incredible,” Erik said. “Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to be successful out here. Francisco and his guys mesh very well together.”

The project, which started in June and should be wrapped up by December, included a 170-yard concrete deck pour.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this job successful: Francisco, Juan Carlos Carrillo, Santiago Guzman, Pablo Romo, Chris Silva, Jose Garcia, Fred Simpson, Tomas Garza, Nate Inman, Korey Marr, Bill Moody and Kevin Jones.