Concrete team steps up with 1,100 yards for Watsonville project

WATSONVILLE – With team members from all concrete branches and 29 mixer trucks, Graniterock delivered 1,170 yards of concrete to downtown Watsonville for a new development that will include underground parking, retail and townhomes.

Graniterock poured for Berkeley Cement and longtime customer Bogard Construction.

“Berkeley had two boom pumps running throughout the pour and we were able to keep up with their demand of yards per hour,” Joe Antonetti said. “It was a true team effort that made this pour a win.”

The pour took placed Saturday, Jan. 14.

William Hansen of Pacific Coast Development, developer for the Terrace project, praised the concrete team for the quality material and efficient delivery.

“Thank you to Graniterock for supplying our concrete,” William said. “It’s great to have a Watsonville company supplying our concrete for this project.”

Key players to the job’s success were Steven Espinoza and Ryan Fontes, Dave Fontes, Willie Diaz, Mike Chernetsky, Zack Booth,Armando Salazar and Dannie Gurley.

We appreciate the hard work of all of the Graniterock mixer truck drivers who made this pour run smoothly.

Bill Zielazowski, Miguel Guterrez, Pete Diaz, Dave Detter, Richard Walrod, Dave Garza, Risa Locke, Chris Gibson, Brad Tarp, Jarrod Zgragen, Bernardino Castro, Vicinte Ponce, Raymond Desoto, Dirrick Williams,

Tony Ruiz, Eric McCollough, Rogelio Rojas, Israel Buenrostro, Kenny Guay, Frank Rios, Jose Perez Fregozo, Corey Pierce, Manuel Garcia, Steve Capone, Heather Whitlow, Jose Hernandez, Fabio Fuentes, Kyle Christensen and Tim Glass.