Concrete for new skate park in Watsonville

WATSONVILLE - The new skate park going in at Watsonville’s Ramsay Park is taking shape with Graniterock concrete, including a 9-foot-deep bowl and several ledges and edges for skaters to show off their tricks.

Joe Antonetti, concrete manager for the Santa Cruz branch, has worked closely with San Diego-based engineering firm GeoCon Skateparks to provide materials for the 12,000-square-foot project.

In addition to concrete, Graniterock has supplied the project with base rock and drain rock from the A. R. Wilson Quarry.

GeoCon owner George Zadrozny, who’s teamed up with renowned Santa Cruz skate park designer Zach Wormhoudt, says he has enjoyed exceptional customer service from Graniterock, which has allowed the skate park to proceed on schedule.

“I’ve received great service from Graniterock,” George said. “Joe has been Johnny-on-the-spot, and the mixer drivers coming in here have been nothing but spectacular. “

A special thanks goes to JR Renteria for smoothly handling delivery of all of the aggregates.

Note:The photographs above show members of our customer's construction crew – these are not Graniterock People