Building Materials team puts finishing touch on Danville home with Natural Stone

The owner of this Danville home discoveredGraniterock and our wide selection of natural stone on the Company’s beautiful new website.

After contacting Robin Steudler and Alyssa Runnoeat the Monterey Peninsula branch, the homeowner was supplied with 3,000 square feet of Jerusalem gold thin veneer stone for the home’s exterior.

The project was challenging due to the customer living in the East Bay and conducting alldecisions and transactions over the phone and email.

Robin and Alyssa worked hard to meet the customer's needs.

“We sent him samples based on the look he wanted and color range. He was more impressed by the follow up and quick response,” Robin said. “What I like the most about this story is the fact that we truly had to prove who we were and what we could do because the customer found us on the web. This could have gone south in a hurry but instead we created a beautiful home and a very happy customer.”