Landscape Products

Our affordable solid Granite Landscape items add incomparable beauty to your outdoor garden area.

Granite Lanterns

Color Style Weight
Tan Round Approximately 250 lbs.
Majestic Mauve Square Approximately 400 lbs.

Granite Lantern

Granite Park Bench

Color Weight
Tan Approximately 400 lbs.
Light Gray Approximately 400 lbs.

Granite Bench

Granite Tables with Benches

Color Weight
Tan Approximately 1200 lbs.
Light Gray Approximately 1200 lbs.

Granite Table with Benches

Granite Tables with Stools

Color Weight
Tan Approximately 1000 lbs.
Light Gray Approximately 1000 lbs.

Granite Fountains

Color Height Weight
Light Gray 8′6″ Approximately 6200 lbs.
Light Gray 6′6″ Approximately 2640 lbs.
Majestic Mauve 5′ Approximately 1540 lbs.

Granite Fountain

Granite Fountain

Granite Planters

Color Weight
Tan Approximately 250 lbs.
Light Gray Approximately 250 lbs.

Granite Planter