PennzSuppress® D

Welcome to PennzSuppress® D, the environmentally safe and cost-effective way to control dust and stabilize soil.

PennzSuppress® D is a unique, environmentally safe, emulsified petroleum resin produced and distributed by Graniterock in Northern California to help suppress dust and stabilize soil. Not only does PennzSuppress® D serve as an outstanding dust suppressant and soil stabilizer, but it also has been extensively tested to determine that it is safe for the environment, safe for workers handling the product, and non-corrosive to the vehicles and equipment used to apply the product, as well as those that travel the roads treated with the product.

PennzSuppress® D is a specially formulated, very effective dust control agent for the treatment of road aggregate. In concentrate form, it is intended for dilution with water for application to roads and other environments where airborne dust is undesirable. PennzSuppress® D is typically applied in a 4:1 dilution (80% water, 20% Pennzsuppress® D concentrate). In addition to suppressing the irritating effects of airborne dust itself, PennzSuppress® D is effective stabilizing road base aggregate materials, reducing soil erosion and protecting vegetation from blowing dust and sand.

PennzSuppress® D contains effective binding agents to hold soil particles together and prevent them from being dispersed into the air. It is further formulated with an optimum blend of wetting agents, emulsifiers and dispersants to allow for ready penetration of the binding agents into the soil, easy emulsification with water and increased spreading power of the diluted mixture. PennzSuppress® D readily emulsifies with all types of water and remains highly stable in its dilute form.

Formulated from a water emulsified resin base, PennzSuppress® D contains no asphalt or solvent, as is commonly found in other road dust suppressants. The binding agents in PennzSuppress® D are non-volatile, offering a lasting effect, unlike results obtained on roads treated with water alone. Concerns over the corrosive effects of road salts to vehicle underbodies are eliminated with the use of PennzSuppress® D, as it is non-corrosive to metal. Because this product contains water, it is non-flammable and safe during use. PennzSuppress® D is classified as “non-hazardous,” “non-toxic,” and “non-carcinogenic” according to Federal guidelines. It is also considered to be non-toxic to aquatic life.

Environmental, Health & Safety Information

PennzSuppress® D Road Dust Suppressant is a unique, patented product designed to “safely” control dust, stabilize soil and control silt run-off from unpaved roads, parks, fields, forests, etc. With the continued trend toward stricter enforcement of health, safety and environmental regulations, PennzSuppress® D provides a cost effective way to reduce dust-related health and environmental concerns, and aids in complying with clean air and water requirements.

When agents used to suppress dust and prevent silt run-off were scrutinized by air and water quality management agencies, PennzSuppress® D was developed to address their concerns, and at the same time provide effective dust control and soil stabilization. Many dust suppressants of the past were made with inadequately refined, potentially carcinogenic petroleum oils which are diluted with flammable, highly volatile solvents. Other suppressants contain chemicals which reduce dust, but are reported to be corrosive to metal on vehicles and other equipment which comes into contact with treated areas.

The patented formula for PennzSuppress® D replaces solvent diluted carcinogenic oils and other chemicals with water-emulsified petroleum resin and binding agents, wetting agents and emulsifiers. PennzSuppress® D imposes neither physical nor health hazards, and is therefore considered non-hazardous according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard. In detail, the non-hazardous characteristics of PennzSuppress® D can be classified as follows:


  • Not characteristically hazardous (Toxic Characteristics Leaching Procedure)
  • Does not inhibit plant growth
  • Exhibits low toxicity toward fish

PennzSuppress® D is now certified with the California Environmental Protection Agency and is certified by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) as a Substitute for prime coat application.


  • Non-toxic to animal life
  • Non-irritating to eyes
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Non-mutagenic


  • Non-flammable
  • Non-corrosive to metal

Regulatory Information

PennzSuppress® D and its components are not regulated or classified as hazardous to health or the environment by any of the following agencies or legislation: EPA, OSHA, IARC, NTP, NFPA, DOT, CPSC, FIFRA, SARA Title III, RCRA, Clean Air Act, or the Amended Clean Air Act.

There is one list on which it is a benefit to have all of the components of a given product—this is the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) inventory. Appearance on this list, indicates that a particular substance can be used in U.S. commerce. This means that if a material were to be released or spilled, information is readily available that will allow those dealing with the release to know how to handle it, and to know what effects it may or may not have on health and the environment. All components in PennzSuppress® D are found on the TSCA inventory of chemical substances (1994).

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